We get that it's not just used "stuff". It is memories and stories and history that may have taken a lifetime to accumulate. We understand that this can be a difficult and stressful time and our goal is to make this as stress free as possible. Each sale is unique. Every client has a slightly different situation. We want you to choose the best option for you and your family.  Our company only does on-line estate sale auctions, which is our specialty. We provide free consultations and will never pressure you to use our services, but to help you make a decision that is best for your situation, budget and time frame.

  • We will lot, photograph and catalog all items in the sale, market and advertise the sale and provide supervision on the preset pick up date. 
  • We work on a commission basis, so there are no upfront costs to the client.  
  • Additional services include sorting and packing items not to be sold for an hourly rate. Donating unsold items (except for small quantities), trash hauling and cleaning after the sale are contracted out to expert providers we trust and may include other flat charge disposal fees. We do not charge to coordinate these services, but the charges and fees are deducted from the client's auction proceeds.
  • We can often do sales others cannot -  like storage sheds, condo communities with HOAs and gated communities. We will still need to get permission from the property managers for these sales, but because our sales are less intrusive, we can often get approved to do sales at these locations.
  • We have a discounted rate for non-profit organizations. Instead of a silent auction at an event, putting the items online for bidding can increase the exposure of the fundraiser, the non-profit and their donors. Please contact us for more information!
  • We will provide payment for the sale within 2 weeks after all services have been rendered. 
  • ✪ Potential to sell more items. All items in the home are sold in lots. This allows us to combine several items together for buyers to bid on versus a traditional estate sale where buyers choose individual items to purchase. We sell most household items from the cleaning supplies to the furniture to the car. Our goal for each sale is to sell 90% of the lots.
  • ✪ Minimal disruption to the home. We lot most items in place. Dishes stay in the cupboards, all furniture remains in place and there is minimal movement of the items in the home. This decreases the potential for damage to the items.
  • ✪ Only the winning bidders enter the home. All the items are sold to the highest bidder on-line, and only those buyers will come to the home at a preset day and time to pick up their items. This greatly decreases the amount of foot traffic through the home and cars entering the neighborhood. Typically we can clear a house in a 5 hour time frame once the auction closes. As part of our services, we supervise all buyers in the home as they pack their items. Additionally, we can provide more privacy for the sale by providing the address to the sale only to the winning bidders.
  • ✪ Ability to reach more buyers for a longer time frame. Buyers bid on-line for 1 to 2 weeks which allows us to market intensively during this time. Buyers are only limited by the ability to pick up their won items on the preset date and time. An auction allows for people to bid against each other to determine the final price of the item. This is great for buyers because every sale allows them to purchase the items they want as long as they are the highest bidder, and an advantage to sellers because the market value of the item is determined by how much the buyers are willing to pay.