Q. Can I enter a maximum bid?

A. Yes. We encourage this! If you enter the maximum you are willing to pay for a lot, the computer will bid for you. Your maximum bid will not be reached unless another bidder reaches or exceeds it. The computer will only bid the increment needed to surpass their bid until the maximum bid is reached.

Q. Can someone else pick up my items for me?

A. Yes. Please email them a copy of your invoice to show to us at the pick up. They can show us the invoice on their phone or print it out. We ask them to have a copy of the invoice for your protection.

Q. Do I have to take the whole lot that I won?

A. Yes. Please examine the whole lot and read the description. All items in the lot must be taken on pick up day. Our clients are in need of dispersing of all of their items. Anything that is left behind creates additional work and disposal costs for them. 

Q. If I have a resale license, do I have to pay the sales tax?

A. We are happy to make resellers tax exempt when they buy from our auctions. However, we do need to have a copy of your resale license emailed to us at buyusedandlocal@gmail.com at least 2 hours before an auction closes to make you tax exempt. Buy Used & Local, LLC is required to show proof of tax exempt buyers, and if we cannot, we are still responsible for the sales tax. The name on the resale license needs to match the name on the account. We cannot refund the sales tax after an auction has closed.

Q. What if I can't attend the pick up date and time?

A. Please do not bid if you are unable to attend the pick up date and time. Our clients rely on us to not only sell their items, but also to have them removed. When items are not picked up this adds extra costs and time for them during a stressful time in their lives. If you have an emergency the day of the pick up, please contact us at 650-766-3345 or buyusedandlocal@gmail.com to let us know. In some rare cases, we may be able to make alternative arrangements. Additional costs for travel time to meet buyers on an alternative date and time could be incurred. Buyers who do not pick up their items will have their bidding privileges revoked.

Q. What is a buyer's premium?

A. Buy Used & Local's buyer's premium is generally 10% of the final hammer price on a lot. A buyer's premium is common practice for auctions that helps to offset some of the administrative costs incurred to offer these items at a low starting bid. The process of cataloging a household of belongings is labor intensive and to recoup some of those costs (along with the percentages we pay to the credit card companies and the software developer), we have a buyer's premium in effect. The buyer's premium allows us to offer great items often for very great prices. A traditional retail or resale store can mark up an item for sale, but in the auction industry, we rely on the market to determine the final price. Essentially, the buyer's premium is like a store marking up the price of the wholesale cost, but in this case you know what the markup percentage is before you buy. 

Q. What is a soft close?

A. A soft close prevents bid sniping. An additional 5 minutes will be added to lots that receive bids in the last 5 minutes before they close. This allows for opposing bidders to enter a counter bid.

Q. Will someone be able to help me load my items?

A. No. Please bring help and all equipment needed to load all of your items, including packing material and/or tools. Removal of all the items is done by the buyers.