Buyers are the heart and soul of our company. Whether you are a reseller, furnishing a home or buying for your own collection, you can trust us to bring you unique and interesting items with honesty and integrity. Our goal is to create an exciting treasure hunting experience that makes buying used and local convenient and easy. When you buy from our auctions, you are helping your community, from this small business to the families who are in need of dispersing of a lifetime of belongings or even just needing to downsize to make their lives more manageable. You are keeping these items from the landfill and making a choice that is good for the environment and often your wallet. You also become part of our community and our family. We look forward to getting to know you!

Bidding on our site is like bidding on a live auction. It is different than eBay or other bidding sites. First, there is no bid sniping at the end. Lots close with a soft close. This means that if a lot gets a bid in the last 5 minutes before closing, that lot will get extra time on the clock to allow for opposing bids. 

Second, bidders can bid 3 different ways: 1. Bid the next bid increment. 2. Bid any amount, or 3. Put in a max bid. Please follow the link below to read the directions on how to bid on our site before you start bidding. If you have ANY questions, please email us at or call us at 650-766-3345.

New Bidders Read This First:


  • Our photographs and video are taken with you in mind. We are mindful of both the flaws and awes of each item or lot of items to the best of our ability.
  • We measure items the same way in every auction, please see our list of Auction Terms below.
  • We will treat you with respect, kindness and greet you with a smile.
  • We will listen to your concerns and strongly encourage you to tell us how we can improve. We are determined to make buying used and local convenient, fun and easy.
  • Our intention is to be accurate in our photos and descriptions. We appreciate your understanding that we are human, grappling with keeping our perfectionism in check and always striving to improve.


  • You will bring help and equipment to remove large items safely.
  • You will inspect photographs of all items in the lot to see all that you are bidding on.
  • You will bring boxes and packing material for all your purchases. There will not be any packing materials on site.
  • You will read the descriptions of the items you are bidding on and take note of condition statements and any special instructions.
  • You will bring a vehicle large enough to carry all your purchases. Please use the measurements in the listings to determine if you will need to rent or borrow a larger vehicle.
  • You will treat everyone on site with respect, patience and courtesy.
  • You will leave children under 13 years old in the care of another adult at home. We love kids - so much that we want them to be safe, and our pick up environments are not safe for young children.
  • You will adhere to your pick up time slot. If you come early, you may have to wait longer while the earlier category pick up slots finish packing their items. We will not remove items that are on or in larger items until the pick up time for that item has started. This is to avoid breakage and getting lots mixed together.
  • You have read and understand the Terms & Conditions.



All items are measured WidthxDepthxHeight. Mirrors, art and other flat items may only be measured as WidthxHeight.
All items are measured in inches except rugs, which are measured and listed in feet.


All items will be listed with a pick up category letter. This letter corresponds to a time frame that is always included with each auction. Having pick up categories help us to control the flow of buyers in the home and to mitigate wait times. Since the lots are created in the home and are mostly lotted in place, there are often items in and on pieces of furniture, cupboards, tables, etc. The first pick up category will include lots that are in or on larger items or lots that are in front of other lots. The later pick up categories are for items that are either behind other items or have other lots on or in them. Most items that are in the last pick up time-slot will be items that would be difficult to remove before other lots are removed first. Please note that if you arrive at an earlier time-slot, you may have to wait to obtain your item.