About Us

We are bonded, insured and carry Worker's Comp for our employees. We are dedicated to the safety of the home and lives of everyone involved. We are continually working on efficiency to save time and finding the best waste stream for items that cannot be sold or are damaged to keep as much out of the landfill as possible.


  • We are locally owned and operating. We only work in the Bay Area and our team lives and thrives here.
  • We use efficient processes to organize and sort your items which allows us to take our time to create photographs and descriptions of your items that will bring in buyers who trust our honesty and integrity. We look for the value of your items by making sure we provide model numbers, maker's marks, sizes and other important information in all photographs and descriptions.
  • We create lots that make sense and are attractive for buyers, not just to get the job completed as quickly as possible.
  • We personalize the sale with the stories and history of the items when applicable. We are not just selling "stuff", we are often selling memories.
  • We are committed to creating a movement to encourage people to buy used and local in their community whether they buy from our sales or not.
  • We are committed to reducing landfill waste and to finding the most environmental waste streams possible for unsaleable goods.
  • We can provide additional services to clear your entire home and leave it broom clean. On-line auctions are just one of the services we provide to help clear and liquidate your estate.
  • We donate 1% of our net profits to organizations that are working to create a positive difference in the lives of children.


I've always loved treasure hunting. Though, I've never been able to be obsessed with anything long enough to amass any serious collection. The object is only part of the experience. The majority of the joy comes from anticipating a discovery. The complete thrill of wondering what the next find will be and the anticipation of finding a "real dandy" as my grandfather would call it. He used to take me and my cousins to a secret spot on Lake Superior through a rough, dirt road through the forest to a beach he called Shangri-La. It was here that he taught me to look for agates. It was a perfect spot to learn to be a treasure hunter - the agates were plentiful on this remote beach. When I found one, each and every time I found one, he would say, "Yup, that's a real dandy." To this day, if I am on a beach, I will look for agates no matter if on the Pacific or a pond. Sometimes I settle for some cool looking rocks or beach glass, but the real prize is finding an agate.

Now, my agates have expanded to finding a unique piece of art or furniture or Pyrex or grain scale that brings me nothing short of pure joy. I don't need to possess it or find a place to store it, it is the collection of the story that is most important. I have hundreds of agates in my house, stored in baggies and lunch boxes and plastic bins. I rarely look at them, which is kind of sad come to think about it. But when I collect stories and useful knowledge and history, I don't store them away because the thrill of the chase is long gone, instead they become a part of me and really, they are like a collection of lessons I have learned along the way. So, my first why, reason, purpose for creating Buy Used & Local, is to keep chasing the stories, to build a community that supports both the treasure hunters and the sellers in the most honest, fair way using the most efficient and environmental processes as possible and continually looking for new resources, while refining it all to find a balance between time and excellence.

It is my goal to make Buying Used and Local both fun and environmentally sustainable while offering fair rates for our services. I am curious to discover the barriers that prevent people from buying used locally and how to make the process more convenient. I sell stories and history and useful things that buyers can feel good about using or admiring every day. It is an honor to disperse of a person's lifetime of belongings. Each piece is a page in the whole book. I want to provide the most respectful way to disperse of these items back out into the community to be used, adored or repurposed and to continue a new story in a new book.

Besides being insatiably curious, I have several years of experience as a reseller and on-line auction manager. I spent 14 years in education as a teacher and education coordinator where I honed my patience, knowledge of local and California history and ability to work with people of all ages and backgrounds. When I'm not working, I love to read, make pies from scratch, spend time with my family and go on as many adventures as possible.

Kary Wilson

Owner of Buy Used & Local, LLC